Become a Registered Installer

Join our team and help improve the way people work from home…

We are expanding and are looking for new talent to join our company. Garden Office Building’s mission is to change the way people work from home through contemporary and affordable home office space.

We are currently seeking registered installers to join our network. If you are located in the South of England and want to make a real difference constructing our buildings, get in contact with us! We are looking for both companies and individuals with experience in the building and carpentry trade.



  • Receive leads in your area
  • Bonus incentives
  • No stress of buying materials
  • Branded clothing and marketing material
  • Be part of an expanding industry
  • Make a difference!



  • 1-day off-site training at our office. This intensive day will cover everything from installation to sales
  • 1-week on-site training putting a real building up
  • You’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of your training, which means you’ll be able to fit our buildings on your own.


How do I become a registered Installer?

  • Complete our registered installer application form (contact us to receive a copy)
  • Provide us with 3 customer references
  • Book in and complete our training programme
  • Receive your registered installer certificate and get started!