Buildings for Businesses!

We have been commissioned by many businesses to create premises for their office headquarters. Here’s an example of a recent 10m x 5m building that will be used as a meeting room for a local Kent business, featuring additional kitchen and toilet rooms. We are very proud to have the opportunity to create spaces like…


Are Garden Rooms Worth the Investment?

Adding a garden room or garden office to your property can seem like an exciting prospect. But are garden rooms really worth the cost and effort? In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons to help you decide if investing in a garden room is right for you. A garden room offers a flexible…


New Van!

Say hello to the newest member of the Garden Office Buildings team! Our new extra long wheelbase van is part of our mission to get everything delivered to site on day 1.  We will be sign-writing it and installing security cameras in the coming days…


New project

New Project at Local School

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to build an outdoor learning facility for the students at Stonegate Church of England Primary School in East Sussex. The new building will be used as an outdoor learning space and has been designed with two separate rooms divided by a partition wall, to provide…


Landscaping tips to complement your garden room

Modern garden rooms make for a fantastic addition to your home, offering a brand-new area for you to make your own. Whether you wish to turn your new space into a garden office, kids’ playing area, or even a home music studio, the possibilities are endless. We’ve drawn upon our own experience and researched some…


Garden Rooms vs. Extensions

Average UK house prices have risen by 160% from 1996 to the present day, in large part due to a shortage of housing, so it’s little wonder that more homeowners are turning to making the most of the space they have rather than moving.  At the same time, long-term remote work has continued to grow…


garden room ideas

What Can You Use A Garden Room For?

If you’re looking to expand the space you have available at home, but don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of a building extension, then a garden room might just be the solution you are looking for. Using high-quality materials and smart design strategies, modern garden rooms can be used year-round, offering a…


should you buy or build a garden office

Should you build your own Garden Office?

As more UK businesses adopt remote or hybrid working arrangements, many remote workers are turning to garden offices as a dedicated area to work at home. Not only do garden rooms provide a space for you to work without distraction, but they also create a natural separation between your work and home life. If you’re…