For those who want a more spacious home office

Overview & Pricing

Size W 5.0m x D 3.0m
Users 1 to 4
Price £14,850
Installation £3,700
Groundworks To be determined at site survey
Electrical Connection To be determined at site survey
All prices include 20% VAT

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The Maxi is our largest and most captivating garden office building. It has enough desk space for 1 to 4 people and like our smaller garden office building, is built with the same quality materials.

The attractive exterior design features premium grade western red cedar cladding and industrial steel panels, that blends in beautifully with the aluminium fascia and cappings.The Maxi features full height, 2.80 metre sliding doors in dark grey, with a full height side window with fan light to provide necessary ventilation (along with trickle vents in the doors). It also includes an extra full height window for added light on the front elevation.

High performance structural insulated panel (SIPs) construction reduces heat loss to ensure that the Maxi is very energy efficient and minimises running costs, especially during the colder months when the Maxi performs excellently, even considering its larger size. SIPs construction also provides impressive levels of acoustic insulation which makes it perfect for a home office, whether you’re having important meetings over Zoom or just want to work in peace and quiet.

So, whether you’re looking to reap all the benefits of working from home or just add some extra work space to your home, the Maxi is an affordable and convenient solution..



  • External Dimensions (inc. deck) – (W) 5000mm (D) x 3500mm x (H) 2500mm
  • Internal Dimensions – (W) 4700mm x (D) 3070mm x (H) 2200mm
  • Right or left-facing models available (above illustration shows right-facing model)

Standard Features

  • No planning permission required
  • Engineered from structural insulated panels (SIPs)
  • Desk space for 2-4 users 

External Finish

  • Front cladding: cedar
  • Rear cladding: corrugated steel (3 colours available)
  • Right cladding: cedar/corrugated steel
  • Left cladding: cedar/corrugated steel
  • Fascia, soffit and copings: grey
  • Roof: EPDM rubberised roof membrane
  • Composite decking: (3 colours available)
  • Guttering at rear

Internal Finish

  • Laminate Oak Flooring: (3 colours available)
  • Internal wall finish: plasterboarded, dry lined and mist-coated
  • Skirting board: white

Windows and Doors

  • 1x Full height 2.8m uPVC sliding doors in anthracite grey
  • 1x Full height side window in anthracite grey with fan light window and trickle vents
  • 1x horizontal slot window on front elevation
  • 4mm toughened glass

Electrical Features

  • 3 x LED panel lights
  • 2 x external up & down wall light
  • Power sockets: 5 x double sockets
  • Consumer unit

Insulation and energy performance

  • We use structural insulated panels (SIPs) that offer one of the highest levels of thermal performance of any readily available, off-site manufactured building material.
  • The closed cell foam does not allow moisture ingress to degrade the insulation performance which can occur with mineral wools and blown cellulose fibre products. A structure built with SIPs will give energy savings of 40%-60% compared to a timber framed building of equal size and insulation U-value.
  • We use 100mm thick SIPs for the walls and floor of our garden office buildings and 150mm thick SIPs for the roof. You can see the respective U-Values below:
  • Thickness: 100mm, U-Value: 0.27W/m2K
  • Thickness: 150mm, U-Value: 0.17W/m2K

Paid Options

  • Underfloor heating (+ £975)
  • 4 x External spotlights in soffit (+ £270)
  • Double outdoor socket (+ £190)


  • Installed by one of our approved installers: £3,700


  • To be determined at site survey: Typically £500 to £900

Electrical Connection

  • To be determined at site survey: Typically £200 to £1000

Landscaping (if required)

  • Our registered installer will be able to quote for any landscaping you might require. For example, you may want to extend the decking outwards to accommodate a table and chair, or you may require other works surrounding your garden building.