How we build

Build Spec

All our buildings are constructed using high quality materials, sourced mostly in the UK.

Our vast experience, skilled workforce and quality materials mean we have developed a construction process and product that stands out in the garden room market.

The following build specification applies to the majority of our buildings.


We construct our walls from both 100mm insulated panels and traditional timber framing, 4×2 timbers filled by PIR insulation, covered by a sheet of OSB for stability.

All ours walls feature internal and external cavities, achieved through battening, which allows for hidden services and added heat control.


Like the walls, we use traditional timber construction. This is usually 5×2 timbers (120mm thick) with insulation in between.

The entire floor will sit completely clear of the ground in order to allow air to circulate underneath. We also use a membrane that sits on the underside of our floor to provide protection against moisture.


We construct our roof with timber (120-150mm) and EPDM, or insulated panels (80-120mm), depending on how bespoke the building is.

The timber method involves an EPDM rubber roof which offers a shelf life of 50 years and is becoming the most popular roofing system for extensions and garden buildings, given its durability and longevity.

For our standardised builds, we have adopted the use of insulated roof panels. These are very durable, provide great insulation, and can be installed much faster than traditional timber roofs, meaning we are on-site for less time.

Garden room frame


We use two main types of external cladding; premium western red cedar cladding and anthracite steel sheets. The cedar is beautiful and durable, and looks amazing next to contemporary steel. We use the cedar on the front elevation as standard, and can also add it to the sides of the building if required.

We use a combination of steel and uPVC finishes too, including steel covers for each corner of the building. We believe that steel is superior to uPVC in these areas and will add many years to the life of your building.

Midi Garden Office in Sevenoaks 3


Your building will be plasterboard, fully plastered, and painted. This is the method used in new homes where plasterboard is used, achieving the same look as a plastering.

We use a laminate oak flooring that comes in two styles, sitting within a modern skirting board.

Doors & Windows

Our buildings come with full height uPVC sliding patio doors as standard, 2.6m or 2.0m wide depending on the size of your building.

We also offer full height side windows in two widths, and also a slot opening window.

All our windows and doors are smooth grey on the outside and white on the inside, and we use 4mm toughened glass.

Decking, Overhang & Side Screen

Our standard buildings feature a 400mm decking area, roof overhang and side screen. We believe that these features are essential to protecting the front of your building from the elements. They also provide necessary shelter when entering or leaving your office building

  • Roof overhang prototects your building
  • Maintenance free composite decking
  • Contemporary side screen

Electrical Features

As the primary use of our buildings are for office space, we use LED panel lights in all our buildings. They provide an incredible source of white light which is used in all modern office spaces across the world. We also offer standard downlighting.

For external lights, we use up/down wall lights as standard, with the option to upgrade to soffit downlight.

Each building comes with 4x double sockets and its own consumer unit. We also include an ethernet port for easy connectivity via a CAT 6 cable.

In terms of heating, we offer a contemporary electrical wall panel heater in white. As our buildings our so well insulated, these wall panel heaters provide the perfect heating option for your garden building.


We generally use ground piles for grass surfaces or ground pedestals for concrete surfaces. We believe these are the simplest and most affordable way to achieve a level building, raised off the ground, that will be protected from moisture and humidity.
membrane garden office

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