Do you undertake groundworks and installation?

Yes we do.

Are your garden offices warm enough to use in winter?

Absolutely. Our Garden Offices are built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which we believe is the next generation of timber based construction. SIPs offer one of the highest levels of thermal performance of any readily available, off-site manufactured building material. A building built with SIPs will give energy savings of 40%-60% compared to a timber framed building of equal size and insulation U-value.

Can I self-build/DIY your standardised garden office buildings?

Not currently, but it’s something we are working on.

Are there any additional costs?

We will not include the electrical connection in our prices, as this is subject to a visit from an electrician to determine the best way to get your building connected.

We also don’t generally quote for groundworks until we conduct a site visit, as ground conditions vary job to job.

Can I live in one of your garden office buildings?

Although they are just as insulated as most homes, our garden buildings are not designed to be lived in.

What kind of roof material do you use?

We use EPDM, an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane used all over the world.

Do I need to get planning permission?

Nine times out of ten planning permission is not required as our buildings fall under permitted development rights. We recommend getting in touch with your local council for more information on your particular area/property.

How long does installation take?

Between 2 and 3 weeks on average.

Can I have a toilet and/or kitchen in my garden office?

We do not offer this service but are happy to liaise with necessary trades to make it happen.