Are your garden rooms warm enough to use in winter?

Yes, our garden rooms are designed to be used all year round. We use 100mm PIR insulation, which is considerably more than the majority of our competitors, ensuring our buildings are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Can I view a previous project that you have completed in my local area?

Yes, absolutely. We have completed hundreds of buildings in the south east of England, and there is a good chance there is once located very close to you. Get in touch with us and we’ll get something arranged. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our showroom.

Can you build me a completely bespoke garden room?

Yes, absolutely. We can create a completely bespoke garden office for you, at any size, with any combination of doors/windows/partition walls. Get in touch with us today and we can discuss your project further!

Can you design my garden room as a custom shape?

Yes, we can. We often build “L” shaped buildings and other shaped buildings to meet your requirements and shape of your garden.

Do you provide drawings for your buildings?

Yes, we do. We have an in-house designer who produces drawings for all of our projects, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Are there any additional costs?

We will not include the electrical connection in our prices, as this is subject to a visit from an electrician to determine the best way to get your building connected.

Can I live in one of your garden rooms/office buildings?

We offer a comprehensive garden annexe / granny annexe solution, if you are seeking additional living accommodation. Check out our page here to learn more.

If you are planning to live in your garden building, it will require planning permission and building regulations. We have extensive experience doing this and can help with everything from start to finish.

Can I add a skylight to my garden office design?

No, we don’t offer skylights due to complications with the roof. We use a one-piece EPDM rubber roof system, and cutting it around a skylight is not recommended.

Can I add a green sedum roof to my building?

Yes, you can. We don’t provide this service, but we’ll construct your building with additional timber joists and supports in order to take the additional weight of the sedum roof.

Can I have a toilet or kitchen in my garden room?

Yes, you can. We work with a network of registered plumbers and carpenters who can provide these services to you directly. We will liaise with them throughout the duration of the project to ensure a smooth installation.

Do I need to get planning permission?

Planning permission is not usually required as our buildings fall under permitted development rights. We recommend getting in touch with your local council for more information on your particular area/property.

If the height of your building is greater than our standard external height of 2.5m, then it will require planning permission, unless it is positioned at least 2.0m from any boundary (then you can go up to 3.0m). Our standard buildings are 2.5m metres in height, but for gym buildings and workshops, we recommend going up to 3.0m.

You will also require planning permission if you live in a conservation area or area of outstanding natural beauty. Please check with your local council to see if this is the case.

Check out our page here for more information on planning permission and building regulations.

How long does installation take?

Between 2 and 4 weeks on average.

Can I have partition/dividing walls to create separate rooms?

Yes, this is very common, especially for our larger buildings that are multi-purpose. Whether you want to divide your garden building into an office and gym, or a living area and music studio, we can help design a layout that meets your requirements. We also install single internal doors or internal timber bi-folding doors to create access between rooms. For all of our projects, we produce a detailed drawing, and the internal partition/diving walls will be shown in the drawing.

Can I have underfloor heating?

We don’t offer underfloor heating due to long-term complications that may arise, and the last thing you want to do is take up the flooring to inspect a potential issue. We would recommend air conditioning (heating and cooling) or a wall mounted oil-filled panel heater, which we offer as optional extras.

Can I install a wood burner into my garden room?

We don’t offer this unfortunately, mainly due to roof complications.

Can I paint/stain the outside of my garden room?

Yes, you can. If you would like to preserve the colour of the external timber cladding, we would recommend applying a coat of UV protection oil / danish oil once a year. Otherwise, you can leave the timber cladding to weather naturally over time, and it will turn a silvery/grey colour that some customers prefer.


You can paint the cladding if you wish, but we wouldn’t recommend it, as much prefer it’s natural colour. If you want cladding in a specific colour, we would recommend using composite cladding, that comes in a range of colours and styles. We can source and install this for you.

Can my garden room be moved to a new location at a later date?

No it can’t. Our buildings are permanent structures and are not designed to be moved. 

Can you attach a garden room onto the side of my house? Can they be built as a “lean to” on my house?

No we can’t. Our buildings are designed to be separate from the main house.

Can you fit solar panels to the roof of my garden room?

We are happy to liaise with a company of your choice if you would like so add solar panels. We will also increase the roof joists in order to take the additional weight of the solar panels, like we do when customers plan to install green sedum roofs.

Can you soundproof my garden room?

Yes, we can. We always do this when the building will serve as a music studio or drum room. This involves using additional acoustic insulation and insulated plasterboard.

What about the electrical and internet connection from my house to the garden room?

We work with a network of registered electricians who can offer this service to you directly, and we will liaise with them to ensure the building is connected successfully once the build has been completed. You are also welcome to use your own electricina for this.

Do you offer painting?

Yes, all our buildings are plaster-boarded, plastered, and decorated as standard. We don’t believe that “MDF” or “Melamine” finishes are acceptable for a premium garden room. We paint our buildings white with 2 coats of paint as standard. Our skirting boards are primed and painted with specialist timber paint too.

Do you provide drawings for planning permission purposes?

Yes, we do. We have an in-house architect who produces our drawings. We also work closely with a planning consultant who submits all our planning applications on our/your behalf.

Do your garden rooms come with a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 10-year structural guarantee and a 1-year warranty on everything else (electrics, doors, windows, etc.)

Do your garden rooms come with heating?

Not as standard, but we offer air conditioning (heating and cooling) and wall mounted oil-filled panel heaters as optional extras.

How close can your buildings be built to a fence or boundary?

We can build as close as possible, provided that we can temporarily remove any fence panels to allow access, as we will need ample access to work around the side of the building during construction.

How do I get an internet connection into my garden office?

When the electrician is running the electrical cable to your building, they can also run a CAT 6 internet cable that will provide a wired internet connection.