Maintenance Programme

Available to our existing customers, our maintenance programme is designed to ensure your garden room remains in top condition for years to come. We recommend an annual service.

Here are the key elements of our maintenance programme:

  1. Gutter and Roof Clearing: Clearing to prevent any blockages and ensure proper water flow, and ensuring all guttering, fascias and soffits are correctly fitted and in good condition.
  2. Roof Inspection: Thorough examination of the roof to identify and address any potential issues, ensuring there are no tears or holes that could compromise its integrity.
  3. Cladding Protection: Applying UV protection oil to the cladding to protect it against weather elements and maintain its functional and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Doors and Window Inspection:  Ensuring all door and window mechanisms are working correctly, and all seals are intake.
  5. General Building Maintenance: Ensuring all external surfaces, trims, fascias, and soffits are watertight and secure.



Midi (3.6m x 3.0m) – £249

Maxi (5.0m x 3.6m) – £299

Multi (6.0m x 4.0m) – £349

Multi Plus (7.0m x 4.4m) – £399

If bespoke size, round to nearest standardised building price


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