Standardised Garden Offices

With more than 55 years experience in the construction industry, our goal is to change the way people work from home by providing affordable and beautiful home office space.

We’ve perfected three standardised garden office buildings that cater to your home working needs, depending on number of users (i.e. amount of desk space) and the size of your garden.

mini garden offices office building


Our smallest “pod” inspired garden office building. Perfect for smaller areas and those adopting a minimalist style workspace.

Size W 2.4m x D 2.0m
Users 1
midi garden office building


Our mid-sized and best-selling garden office building. Perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing in any outdoor setting.

Size W 3.6m x D 2.5m
Users Up to 2
maxi garden office building


Our largest garden office building. A popular choice for those who want that bit of extra room in their home office.

Size W 4.8m x D 3.0m
Users Up to 4
maxi garden office building

Maxi + (Coming Soon)

The Maxi + has the same dimensions as the Maxi but with added ceiling height, perfect for those who want to double their office up as a gym.

Size W 4.8m x D 3.0m
Users Up to 4